How To Date Young Women


For The Man Who Refuses To Buy Or Bullshit Young Women: Revised Edition

This book offers realistic methods and sound advice from a 46 year old man who has dated young women for the past ten years. Steele tells you bluntly who she is, where she is, then how to meet, talk with and date her.

The principles are based entirely on understanding a young woman and her real motivation to date a man your age. Learn why she wants and needs to be your lover, then how to let it happen, not make it happen.

  • Understanding 18-24, 25-29 and 30-34 women
  • Identifying which ones are interested in older men
  • Why she's afraid and how to overcome her fears
  • How to act, dress and talk to interest and attract her
  • Where to find her and how to meet her so you can talk with her naturally
  • What to always say, never say
  • Courting when she knows there's no wedding in your future
  • Getting that tough first date
  • How to behave on dates with her
  • Seducing her