How to Win the Woman of Your Dreams


Most men think they'll have to undergo a major personality overhaul to be successful with truly desirable women. Eric Weber says nonsense! All it takes is a 5 to 7 percent increase in guts. If you can manage that, Weber's startlingly mind-opening nuts-and-bolts advice will soon have you:

  • Meeting women where you least expect to 
  • Disarming beautiful women  
  • Writing notes that charm and delight a woman  
  • Transforming platonic relationships into sizzling romances  
  • Understanding exactly how to unleash a woman's erotic impulses  
  • Dressing with greater sophistication and sex appeal  
  • Standing out from the crowd of ordinary men   
And much, much more, all of it designed to get you the kind of attractive, fascinating woman you've always dreamed about.